About Us

PDX Intercompany Exchange Pte Ltd was founded in April 1997 as a Singaporean registered limited liability company.

In response to the special needs of the legal industry that routinely needed to send legal documents to each other all the time, in April 1997 PDX created the first and only exchange system in Singapore to provide document exchange services to the legal industry.

A clear requirement of the exchange system was to be able to track and account for each document handled. To address this, PDX designed and commissioned the development of its own barcode tracking system to enable PDX and its users to confirm all items are properly handled and delivered each business day.

PDX now offers a range of business services catering for the whole process of mailroom function e.g. collecting, sorting, recording, archiving, recreating, delivering etc.

PDX at a glance

  • 17 years experience in document logistic services.
  • PDX network consists of 80% of Singapore legal professions.
  • More than 30,000 legal documents per month went through PDX system in the past 12 years.