Without the need to manage staffing crises such as annual leave, medical leave and reservist training, your administration can focus on the more important matters in your business, by outsourcing some or all your mailing, document management and delivery processes to PDX. We offer the following services:

PDX Document Exchange System

PDX employs a team of dispatchers to collect and return documents and other items from its members twice a working day. Items collected in the morning will be sent the same working day. Members pay a fixed monthly membership fee and enjoy unlimited usage of the PDX exchange network
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Customized Mail Services

For larger organizations, PDX tailors a customized service on routes and at times that meet the specific requirements of the organization’s mailing schedule. Using dedicated motorbikes, vans and foot messengers the service schedule will meet the organization’s needs for island-wide, inter-branch and inter-company deliveries of a range of items on a schedule determined by the business.
As an example read more about our Specialist legal services.

General Distribution Management

PDX offers its members island-wide delivery services at competitive rates. Motorbikes, vans and foot messengers deliver a variety of items including letters, documents, CDs, diskettes, books, gift as well as bulkier items such as desktop computers.
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Mailroom Solutions & Management

PDX provides a comprehensive array of mailroom services from handling outbound mail deliveries to complete mailroom services.
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Letter Shop

A complete outsources letter shop service including materials, labelling, stuffing, postage, or hand delivery.

Archiving Services

A cost-effective electronic document archiving services for legal firms.
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Tracking and Monitoring

  • PDX designed and commissioned a unique bar-coded label and tracking system.
  • It enables each item in the system to be monitored as it moves through the network.
  • This assures clients that their vital deliveries are safely and securely delivered.