Mailroom Services

PDX provides a comprehensive range of mailroom services from handling outbound mail deliveries to fully outsourced mailroom management and services.

Outbound Mail Services

PDX collects, sorts processes and arranges the appropriate delivery service for all categories of outbound mail including PDX Exchange deliveries, local and overseas post, local and overseas courier and special deliveries.

Inbound Mailroom Services

PDX receives and sorts incoming mail to the organization at client specified times and deliver to branch, department or individual level.

Outsourced Mailroom Management

PDX offers a fully or partially outsourced mailroom management service. PDX will provide a customized level of mailroom management to suit the needs of the client.

PDX Mailroom service features

  • PDX bar-coding on hand deliveries providing safe, secure, fully monitored service.
  • Free delivery for documents for delivery on the exclusive PDX network.
  • Monthly Invoicing and recharges.
  • Electronic and hardcopy mailing records featuring analysis of your mailing costs and services.
  • Acknowledgements of receipts are collected and returned to sender by fax or next collection. Alternatively, they are secured and returned to sender at month-end.