Electronic Archiving Services

PDX provides cost-effective electronic document archiving services for legal firms. PDX Archiving Services (PAS) transfers and stores legal and business documents onto CD as part of a cost effective and powerful electronicdocument management system.
PAS provides the technology to electronically store and organize all kinds of documents such as legal documents, invoices and correspondence onto CD. Once on the CD, the documents can be quickly and effectively retrieved from the CD using any computer.
With the PAS ‘state of the art’ search-engine installed on the CD, the CD can be conveniently run from any computer to look for specific documents without the need to install software on the PC.
The document archive runs solely from the CD ensuring documents are secure from other computer users and systems.
With PAS the time and energy searching for documents is eliminated. Just a few clicks of the mouse and selected documents are displayed on the screen of your computer. Documents may be viewed or printed in near-original print quality. PAS can also customize the document indexing to suit specific organisation needs. For more information contact us.

Document Management

is a method of storing information electronically. Paper based information is converted to a digital format and existing digital information is tagged so that it can be identified readily.

A document management system can be akin to a library. It holds all the information that is required by an organisation, letters, publications, invoices and when it is required you ask the librarian for the relevant document. The librarian will then search for the documents using indexed information that you have provided.

PDX Archiving service features

  • Transfer and Store business and legal documents electronically onto CD.
  • CD Indexing ensures the easy and rapid search and retrieval of the electronic documents
  • CD document indexing can be customized.
  • CD can be viewed on any PC with a CD drive. The PC does not require additional software.
  • Powerful and cost-effective.